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The Negative Impact Of A Couch Potato Lifestyle

  Watching too much television and not getting enough exercise is one of the lifestyles that we should avoid. Did you know that having a lazy lifestyle in your early adulthood could damage your cognitive ability in the middle age?… Continue Reading →

Best Practices To Sit-Stand Desk Position

  In our efforts to move to better health. We are moving to the idea that we want everything that connotes good health. One of the best things that we can do is an investment in furniture that can contribute… Continue Reading →

Challenge Yourself: 30-Day Challenges You Can Do to Become a Better Person

  A month has, on average, about 30 days. If you spent a few minutes each day learning a new skill or accomplishing a challenge meant to contribute to your overall growth, you could come out of that month a… Continue Reading →

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