In our efforts to move to better health. We are moving to the idea that we want everything that connotes good health. One of the best things that we can do is an investment in furniture that can contribute to good health. Nowadays, a standing desk offers a lot of benefits when it comes to decreasing the risk of anxiety, depression, weight gain and high blood pressure. 


Using a standing desk can be great for your health. However, it doesn’t stop there as you need to ensure that you are correctly using the sit-stand desk that you have purchased. There are several ways on how we can use the standing desk properly. It is also important that we know all of this as we might get ourselves injured if we are not aware of this. 


What are the factors affecting the standing desk, let us find out so that we can also apply this in our daily lives. 


Find Your Posture 

When it comes to finding the right desk for you. We need to ensure that proper posture is observed. Your arms must 90-degree angle to the table top, and the monitor must be raised on the eye level. It is also important that you mind your feet. 


When in a sitting position, it is best that it should be in a line or slightly higher than your feet and your feet should be planted on the floor. While standing, it is appropriate that your hips should be under you while your weight should go through your whole feet. It is also important to ask experts when it comes to posture. Proper posture is a habit, and you can make necessary changes.  


Overall good posture is important for your health as having a bad posture can have an impact on your health. What are the benefits of having a good posture, let’s find below. 


Breathes Easily. Observing a good posture is one way of good ideas on how you can achieve a healthful lifestyle. Sitting in a crumpled position can constrict your airways and make it difficult for you to catch your breath. It is also essential that we practice straightening our back as our ribcage is also at an unnatural position. 


It Avoids Injury. Putting too much pressure on our joints can lead to injury. The spine can also feel the strain of poor posture. When you have too much pressure, it will tend a slipped disc or trapped nerve. 


You’ll Look More Confident. While standing, it adds more height and authority to your figure. On the contrary, a slouched posture tends to be associated with shy people.


You’ll Digest More Easily. When your slouched, your body is also pushing your internal organs which makes it difficult for you to breathe. 


Sometimes even if we are unintentionally slouching, we are becoming annoyed because we are used to that kind of posture. What we need to do is to address the problem and correct the position. It is also important to see a doctor as they can easily identify immediately any bad posture and prevention. 



Adjust Your Desk And Screen

Correct desk height and computer screen position must be correctly observed. These are fundamentals for improving comfort and can minimize injury. As a piece of quick information, the distance should be no less than from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow. 


Have A Readily Available Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mats are the best partners of the sit-stand desk. The mats are commonly used for jobs that require an extended period while standing. Recent studies show that these mats combat standing fatigue by encouraging subtle movements. This improves blood fall and reduces overall discomfort. The mats also help in leg problem and discomfort from the pain.


Consider Changing Your Keyboard Position and Mouse

Working for an extended period not only affects the brain but also can strain the wrist. It is essential to optimize the working position, especially the wrist. To protect your wrist when standing it is necessary to keep your keyboard and mouse on the same level. Have your wrist straightened when typing. 


Make Use of Arm Support

It essential for us to be aware that we need soft padding or support area attached to your desk. It can reduce pressure to the wrist which can help while operating the mouse. According to studies, it can help reduce the risk of developing a neck and shoulder problem.    


Take Breaks

Taking breaks is vital and must be followed at all times. Having breaks is proven effective whether through productivity at work or naturally from any other things that require us to take a break. To some people, it comes automatic no need to, but for anyone else, it needs an alarm to make them go. 


Taking breaks is vital at it will relax your body and minds. So the next time someone makes a break, it is essential that we know its value and we must maximize whatever time allotted to us with breaks. 


Get To Know What A Sit-Stand Desk Is

A sit-stand desk is one of the latest innovation in the market. It has a lot of benefits that can help eliminate cardiovascular diseases which are caused by Sedentary lifestyle. It is one of the things that an individual employee works for because of the numerous benefits. 


It was just recently that they had introduced a sit-stand desk and an adjustable standing desk. It has the same benefits. However, for those who do not want to let go of their current desk, an adjustable desk is the one that is recommended. It can be easily placed in an abandoned desk or can be placed anywhere, where it is conducive for working. 


A sit-stand desk is also something that you can offer not only a workspace but also in your homes. s standing desk converter is best for those who want to stay anywhere as this could be brought in a dining area or living room. 


What Are The Standing Desk Positions To Avoid

While we want to follow on how to properly sit on our sit-stand desk, it is also best that we avoid practices that can affect our health and thereby destroy our posture. One of the best ideas that can help us improve is the way we avoid this practice. 


Standing Too Long

We all know for a fact that it standing is good for health. But standing for a long period of time has a risk of pain in our legs and feet. Alternating between standing and sitting should be done. Too much of anything is bad, so don’t let this come to your senses. Otherwise, you will have a wrong impression on standing. 


Setting Your Standing Desk At The Wrong Height

Just like sitting, it is important that you set the right position and height while you are sitting. In sit-stand desk same in sitting it is important to follow the 90-degree angle. Monitor’s arms are also designed for a standing desk, so it is important that you invest in a new one. It can help maintain the right proper desk posture by adjusting your computer monitor height separately from your keyboard height. 


No Anti-Fatigue Mat

When you are standing for a long period, you will feel too much pressure from your feet. Having an anti-fatigue mat will help provide additional cushion to stay comfortable while standing. It will also encourage you to move as you are comfortable standing for a long time.