A month has, on average, about 30 days. If you spent a few minutes each day learning a new skill or accomplishing a challenge meant to contribute to your overall growth, you could come out of that month a whole new and different person. But the question is, how and where do you begin?


1.-Take note of bad habits that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals.

Begin by finding out what or who you are as a person. Are you someone you would consider determined? Do you have non-serious addictions that could be keeping you from accomplishing your work? Do you procrastinate at work, at home, and even in events with your friends?

Find out all of your bad habits and once you have identified what could potentially cause your failure, drop these habits immediately. Make sure you’re a whole different person from when you start with these challenges.


2.-Minimize your addiction to social media sites.

Everyone is on their phones these days, and most are scrolling down their Facebook profiles or the profiles of their friends. Although Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were initially designed to help us connect with our friends and family, they have since become tools for stalking, sources of self-loathing, and unnecessary work distractions.

A smartphone screen

While there is nothing wrong with building networks on social media, it could be distracting you from your work mainly because these three giant social media sites were designed to keep you scrolling. Notice how new content appears when you scroll down? The infinity scroll feature was specifically designed to keep you scrolling… for infinity. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but you get the point.


3.-Use your phone less and communicate with your peers more.

We’ve unfortunately used our smartphones as a mean to shield us from making rich and valuable connections. In our attempt to make every place a safe space for us, we’ve begun to isolate ourselves from our friends and family.

So, make it a habit to drop your phone whenever you hang out with your friends and family and just catch up. Ask them if anything is going on in their lives. Ask them if they’re planning to go on a trip if they know of a new place you could dine at next time. By connecting with them in real life than


4.-Minimize your sugar intake, and eventually, cut it out of your diet completely.

Sugar is sweet and delicious to boot, but too much of it causes some of the worst side effects you probably dread yourself. Weight-gain, acne, migraines, dehydration– all these, and more, are commonly caused by excessive sugar intake.

Piled Sugar donuts

What many people do when they intend to lose weight is that they cut their sugar intake first. Although sugar has been used throughout history for adding flavour to food, its side effects are undeniably bad for the health.


5.-Stop comparing yourself with other people.

You’re not them, and they’re not you. Always remember that you are a unique person, and they are too. When you compare yourself against another individual a little too much, you tend to forget your very own talents, skills, and uniqueness. You tend to forget that you have so much potential, and you have so much to improve. Focus on yourself and work on improving your career and personal life.


6.-Read something new that’s relevant to your career or your personal goals every day.

All it takes is at least 5 minutes to deliver fresh information into your brain. If you make it to the end of a month, you could acquire 30 new and interesting bits of information.

For the best reading experience, make sure your desk is well-lit with a desk lamp and is equipped with pens and other note-taking materials. Make it a habit to highlight or write down important points so you can review them during your free time.


7.-Exercise! Basically, move more and get physical.

Adding more physical activities into your daily routines not only aids in weight loss, but it also makes you a healthier and more mentally active individual. Exercise aids in blood and oxygen circulation, and for as long as these two are continuously and healthily flowing throughout your system, you stay awake and active. Staying active also fights repetitive stress injuries, stress, and other bodily discomforts.

woman running at a park


8.-Begin writing your personal goals, and read them aloud every morning.

In other words, remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing so you won’t steer off course. One of the main reasons why people experience unhappiness at work is because they’ve lost focus of the main reason why they are still there. They have forgotten about their plans and goals for the future. All it takes is as little as 5 minutes to go over your personal goals and to refocus.