Many companies are successful because they are lucrative, but what often keeps them on top may be credited to the performance of individuals working behind the scenes. Many of today’s best-performing companies in the IT industry are mainly lauded for the work they do and the impressive performance of IT professionals who pretty much give the organization life.

To keep their streak, these companies not only take care of their financial responsibilities carefully; they take care of the community of talented individuals working for them to. One effective way of taking care of people who take care of you is to give them to right environment to thrive in.


Variety and Accessibility

Since this year is all about variety and accessibility, it is important to create an environment that welcomes people with different work styles and preferences. Many IT headquarters respond to this need by ensuring different offices, departments, or floors come with different options. IT professionals, in particular, would appreciate the ability to work on couches or while standing up. Changing your posture at work from time to time is actually very healthy. To encourage this, top IT headquarters often have offices populated by ergonomic standing desks or the usual work desks that come with ergonomic wobble chairs.

A place where people can work together

Variety and accessibility in today’s IT headquarters don’t end there. Many have long opened their doors to professionals who may have physical disabilities. To aid them in their work, these offices are equipped with devices and other work equipment that can make their environment more comfortable and functional to work in.

Offices with variety in terms of work equipment and arrangement and accessibility devices and furniture have often been deemed to be the best places to work in. When people are happy where they work, their productivity often increases.


All About Inclusion

A diverse group of people working together

An environment of inclusion is yet another feature of many IT offices today. People from contrasting walks of life could one day be your coworkers. Regardless of the circumstances of their birth or upbringing, it is important to be welcoming and to create an environment that accepts people’s diversity. Creating an inclusive space is important because all talents can come from just about any place around the world.

There is diversity in strength, and most successful offices and companies today tend to celebrate this. So should you.

In a more tangible sense, many offices create an inclusive space by ensuring that there is a work space that can accommodate people’s work preference. Another instance is by making sure there are services and facilities that can cater to people’s specific needs. For example, working mothers could greatly benefit from having a daycare centre in the office, or perhaps a place where busy, working parents could drop their children off when there is no babysitter available.


Playful Hues and Views

Of course, offices not only need to feel comfortable, but they should also look comfortable. Many companies today utilize colour to influence productivity, create calm environments, increase work results, create order, and in many instances, to steer away from the boring hues of most corporate offices.

Bright hues and great views can help in creating better work environments. It also makes the office feel more like a home rather than a place where you are supposed to get busy. If anything, corporate offices should feel more like a place where talent can be utilized, not drained. It should be a place where people’s imaginations can come alive, and not be trapped by routines, policies, and other petty office issues.

Why do many IT headquarters today look more like a sprawling home or a lively mall rather than a corporate box? That’s because interior designers know that IT professionals are exposed to their computers more than they are exposed to the beauty of nature. By turning corporate complexes into fun places, they are creating a more lively and enjoyable work environment.


Not Just a Company, but Also a Community

People working together during a business meeting

IT offices today have also introduced rooms, places around the corporate complex, and weekly or monthly activities intended to foster a sense of community. When people are given the opportunity to grow through different activities and environments. they tend to work or do their best. Top IT headquarters know just how to tap into this positive emotion. For example, Facebook, Google, Twitter and many other tech companies schedule yoga classes for employees who tend to spend their time seated in front of their computers.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to give people an earning opportunity; everyone deserves a growing opportunity too. These can be made possible by facilitating activities where coworkers can work together on projects that are different from the grind they are exposed to everyday. For example, many IT companies have book clubs, where co-workers meet up to talk about their interests after a week of continuous work.

By making employees feel that they are working in a community, where everyone works towards a common goal, they will most likely be more productive.