Color plays an enormous impact in Feng Shui because it has a certain vibration tone that chi picks up and distributes back out into the environment. The right (or wrong) color choice can have a tremendous impact on your state of mind and how balanced you feel. – Laura Benko


This follow up article (here is the first article) is all about your desk and your standing desk to be precise. You can take actions to help bring prosperity and the best of health  in  your working space starting with the use of standing desk. Determine the size and shape that brings “good luck” and financial abundance – who would not want that? What else do you need to consider?


Is you space ready for a Standing Desk?


The size of your desk matters – a LOT. Look for a standing desk or a standing desk converter that is adjustable to your height. It’s size should be appropriate to your office space and your height to promote command and be more productive as you start and end your day.


Be in-charge of your working area where everything is encouraging familiarity, invites creativity especially when working with your colleagues while pursuing everyone’s best interest and the company’s success.


How can Colors make your Desk Productive?


Life is dull without colors especially when you’re color blind. Colors give life and stimulates diverse emotions to your advantage. It can initiate the need to be urgent and productive, collaborate with colleagues to achieve the target sales or growth of the company. These are the probable reasons why companies choose one color over the other.  From the colors of marketing, advertising, branding, logo, and the overall look will tell all about the profile of the company. The colors you choose for your personal branding or the color of your personal space will have a profound impact to your work. Choose one the can give you energy, clarity, and focus.


The colors green and blue are labeled as natural tones. It can give you edge in productivity by increasing your focus. You are more efficient and that means that means you can provide the expected result by proper time management, appropriate use of materials and using your energy wisely.


Green likened to a plant which can bring the healing and pristine beginnings (for 2017 – yes!) You need this color to encourage freshness and growth (physical maybe) or in area that needs improvement – such as skills needed for your career advancement. Blue greens have the same effects of beginnings to evaluate, renew, improve, and validate the quality of life you can make. Be confident like a youth and take calculated risk to advance your career to the next challenging level. If you prefer the shade of blue, you can choose to and let your decision be enliven with wisdom and contemplation.


Yellow tones give you energy like you need water when you are thirsty. Symbolizes power, stimulates health, patience and wisdom. If you prefer to put emphasis to your health (it’s good that you have a standing desk) choose the shades of yellow or gold. It shows that you have power and in control of your actions by manifesting patience and awesome insights.


The basic color black can encourage introspection, opens possibilities while brown supports and strengthens physical body, can make your mind less activate.  The color whites give off a sense of crystal clear communication that aims to provide transparent exchange of ideas.


When your office is into constant friction due to conflicting principles (even when policies are available for reference) chose shades of gray for your standing desk. This will create a harmonious working environment as workers are more helpful and willing to share creative ideas.


Avoid bright colors even if you love to wear one. It is because its brightness Bright colors: activate eye, making the body and mind restless


A standing desk can be made of wood and metal or with light to medium-toned surfaces. It and provides the right amount of contrast with white paper to alleviate visual strain.


Check this color cheat sheet provided by House Beautiful for easy access to colors when you don’t know where to start and how to do proper coloring (not the crayons and papers – toddler style).


What Material Will You Use


Your standing desk can be made of leather (if you can afford it, why not?) wood, plastic in different colors, or more sophisticated such as stainless steel, glass, or recycled paper and metal surfaces made of folded metal sheets. Which one fits your lifestyle? If you are more courage’s of trying new desk designs, this article will give you a fascinating list (of more than the days in a month). But the greatest question is, are these desks ergonomically appropriate and promotes healthier working space? I think the answer is obvious. You still need a standing desk, and there are innovative designs you can choose from.


A wooden desk conveys a welcoming yet strong message of reliability, solid like purposely drive, and last longer – which is expected. The user can be viewed as an avid supporter of the company, powerful in terms of leadership skills and predictable when making decision (based on the company’s policy).


If you need to increase the level of your concentration, have an active brain activity for more needed energy, and be quick-witted then a metal desk is for you.  It will encourage you to be vigilant and sharp in making decisions, customer interaction, and in adapting new but effective strategies to work related tasks.


There is also a glass desk, but it can be revealing, and the energy seems to pass through quickly. To counter this too much transparency, use a wooden desk with a glass on top of. There is also desk which are laminated and seems to radiate and gives you enough energy to last the day. Or you can eat this set of healthy foods to help you become alert and on the move.


Tip No. 2


Look for a standing desk with a sturdy leg made of durable materials. Why? This can be the reflection of how stable your career is going to be and how your life will impact you and your community.