Every time you move things around and you align yourself in certain directions, you’re aligning to energy forces, which most people don’t understand. But what are these energy forces? These are cosmic energies.  – Lillian Too


One of the few qualities to stand out and thrive in your professional career is to be productive – always. Even during trying times, it is always commendable to perform at your best. Your desk job may be killing you (literally – maybe) because you have the tendency to sit all day, which can lead to several health issues, but you can do something about it, starting with your desk.


I want to believe you are fully aware of sit to stand workstations and the benefits of using a standing desk. The important contributions of standing desk to office design are you can now have a collaborative working space and you will develop your focus and creativity, making you more productive at work and a great asset to the company. It can also help counter the effects of too much sitting or the sedentary lifestyle. Standing desks enable you to shift from sitting to standing with ease, making you more active, productive, and healthy.


How Do You Make Your Standing Desk Productive


There is an ancient practice that is most of the time associated with new year, a better beginning, a clear path for success like the best time to open a business, and a solution to financial inadequacy. I’m talking about Feng Shui, a practice that is well-known to businessmen, avid followers of ancient practices that brings financial abundance, good health, and career development. Now your sit stand desk can be an integral part of your health, financial abundance and career advancement.


Have you experienced feeling depressingly inactive, categorically lethargic, or worst brain dead – in the areas of creativity and productivity


How did you deal with it? You can have smart breaks if needed, but there are also things you can do, especially with your workstation. Congratulations if you have a collaborative working space, but if not, you can create one, and start with the specifics of your standing desk. You do not own one? Time to consider getting one.


What’s the best Shape of a Sit Stand Desk for Productivity


There are different basic types of desk, and you can have customized when there is a budget. To save space some prefers an armoire, which is movable, and you can use only when needed. But the space is limited and is preferably used at home or in open spaces.


A U-shaped desk is another option, but space is a huge requirement. It cost more than the average desk available in stores or online. The advantage is you can have a unique assigned area in your desk for each task you have – within easy reach of course. In Feng Shui a U-shaped desk is a curved desk and if you sits inside the curve your focus and concentration is magnified many times compared to when you try to concentrate and finish your projects on time. The reason could be your position (inside the curve) gives you energy to stay focus. Since you’re inside, the outside curve (or the closed front) gives you boundaries more like to keep toxic persons from tarrying and you from procrastinating.


Another type of desk that can be the best substitute for U-shaped desk is the L-shaped desk. What makes it different? That is its space requirement is less, but your desk position can be permanent and changing can be tiresome or your office cubicle might not accommodate this type of desk.


Corner desk is a common choice (not the best one) suits diverse office layouts. It can be good when you are trying to maximize and save space. your office space can take. To save space you can put a desk in the corner or commonly called corner desk. Regardless of your the layout of your room, using a corner desk will permanently position your back to the door. Feng Shui wise if your back is opposite to the door – a big NO in your desire to create a productive desk in 2018 and more. WHY? Check these series of articles to give you an overview of what’s in store if you design your office space to attract health, wealth, and abundance.


The shape of your standing desk will always play a pivotal role in your success. There is a reason why the traditional shape of a desk is rectangular. A rectangular desk especially when it is a standing desk (similar to this) is good for concentration. It is an appropriate shape for office work. It can be an open front space where your desk can feel more relaxed in the clients and your colleagues. A desk with an open front feels more intimate, and people will feel more comfortable approaching you. It can actually be inviting and makes people around to feels comfortable approaching you for work related concerns.


Tip No. 1


Your preference, your style. Your space, your mess – FREE (of course). Your desk, your health, and your career need to be pre qualified. So, choose the shape of your standing desk that can bring more energy, open opportunities, and create harmony within your office space and among your office mates.