AirBnb’s are often associated with affordable vacation rentals, but the site is just as popular among entrepreneurs and professionals who like to take their work with them whenever they head out of town. If you haven’t thought about making your AirBnb business ready, now would be a good time to apply some changes to your home. If it has always been your goal to hit Super Host status soon, or to simply attract more tenants, adding a workspace to your property can propel your listing from the bottom of the barrel and into the top searches.


Why Remote Workers Love AirBnb


Between Starbucks and AirBnb, recent trends have shown that remote workers prefer working in a quiet, cozy location rather than in busy establishments like a restaurant, pub, coffee shop, or more specifically, Starbucks. Just because you see a lot of remote workers typing away at their laptops and gadgets in Starbucks does not mean they are enjoying the environment. In fact, many usually turn to Starbucks as a last resort.


Consistent WiFi is such an important part of the life of remote workers, but a quiet environment that is conducive for thinking and working in is just as necessary. Many would forego internet connectivity if it means being able to focus and create plans in silence, but of course, if you want to create a positive experience for your customers, you would want to make sure your rental has WiFi, a work desk, and all other amenities that a professional might need during their stay.


Another factor that makes AirBnb’s a preferred choice among remote workers is the fact that AirBnb is, on average, 30% cheaper than most hotels and rentals. For professionals working around a particular budget, AirBnb just might offer an accommodation that falls within corporate budget.


The Ideal AirBnb Office


To make the perfect accommodation for a traveling entrepreneur or a remote worker, the essentials tend to include a comfy office space, WiFi, a coffee maker, and a stable working table. Guests who are traveling for business tend to be more straightforward, and their focus is fixed on finding a good environment where they can catch up with work while dealing with jet lag.


You might be wondering: is a dining table enough for business travelers? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Most will prefer to work in a suitable office-like environment. This doesn’t mean you would have to build a dedicated office in your property, but it does mean that the environment must look and feel professional.


If your home is naturally small and there’s no other space to build upon, you can always turn one side of the home into a work area by simply adding a small work table, or by installing a programmable, motorized standing desk. Of all things, why a standing desk? Despite its name, a standing desk may be adjusted to a lower height so it can be used like a normal table; however, if your guest would opt to work while standing up, a standing desk can easily accommodate their preference.


If there’s simply not enough space for an ergonomic work furniture in your property, a convertible standing desk can turn your bland and boring kitchen counter into a taller, ergonomic work space.


Adding ergonomic furniture to your property gives off the feeling that, while you may not have enough space for a office, you still possess the right kind of furniture to work from. Between having the right furniture or space, most guests would most likely opt to stay at a property that can directly assist them in their work. Not only that, the installation of furniture that promotes good posture and concentration gives off a touching message: that you care for your guests’ health and productivity.


Are You Business Travel Ready?


Like the Super Host Status, AirBnb’s Business Travel Ready qualification allows professionals to filter their search strictly to return properties that have the space and amenities traveling entrepreneurs can benefit from the most. If you are aiming to cater strictly to professionals, possibly because you’ve had a better experience with them than with families and couples, strive to get your property to meet the standards of a Business Travel Ready listing.


These listings are usually entire homes or full apartments, with space that is exclusively intended for the tenant. They tend to be situated in private and exclusive areas, or in areas along the business district, so if your rental meets this standard, you should easily qualify. To maintain a very professional environment, these properties are held to a higher standard than other AirBnb listings. For one, smoking and pets are strictly not allowed in these properties, unless the tenant requires a service pet throughout their stay.


AirBnb might make it sound like the standards of a Business Travel Ready property are unattainable, but the reality is, it is actually easier to achieve than being a SuperHost. Provided you have the right amenities put together, all you need to do is to meet other benchmarks set by AirBnb. These include at least 3-star reviews, and a response rate of 90% within a period of at least one year.


Even if you don’t intend to run after the SuperHost status or the Business Travel Ready standards, it would still be beneficial if you were to invest in the right workplace amenities for your property. Business Travel Ready or not, anyone will appreciate a well-appointed rental.